An Interactive Promotional tool
Using Flash, HTML and CD to deliver information about Litecrete to protential customers
The brief for this job included the need to make the two websites of and available offline for presentation purposes during marketing meetings, and to be able to leave it with the clients as a future resource.
We essentially made a copy of both websites and repurposed and reworked it to function on a CD, then proceeded to create a flash introduction to provide a bit of wow factor for the LiteCrete brand before getting to the dry technical specifications the html files provided.
A design of a visual 6 panel (2 fold) CD insert and CD label was undertaken and then all the elements where pulled together to create a new piece of marketing collateral for the marketing team.
Below are examples of the CD insert and label, plus a copy of the flash introduction. 
Outer cover of folding insert - right hand panel is the cover (middle panel is the back)
Inside spread of the CD insert when opened fully
A copy of the Flash introduction  - please select play to view

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