Initially involved a refreshing of the old logo to make it more user friendly and to bring it into a more modern environment without loosing its old charm.
From there is was a matter of working with the client to obtain a clear brief, plus leasing the label printer and production bottler to produce a new lively fruit orientated label that was highly distinctive and compelling to a wide audience.  Being an organic juice means over time the there will be some settling/separation in the bottle so the label needed to mask that at the base but still allow the juice to be the primary element on display.
The design incorporates full process + 2 spot colours + 1 opaque white layer to provide for  clear and realistic imagery while providing a distinct print margin.  In the early design phase we created a 3D render of the label on a digitally generated bottle to show the client how the design would work in reality.  This was an invaluable step to save on misconceptions.
The result is a product that will standout in the fridge when it is time for a person to make a purchasing decision.

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