The key point that need to be addressed was the products needed to have complete autonomy from the Starline brand so as not to alienated consumers if they pushed these higher margin brands.
After a strategy meeting with the client we determined that they actually required 3 tiers of Quality as well within their home brand products to reach the different consumer pricing groups. 
Due to the fact that they covered 9 categories segments that could have home brands introduced it was agreed that it would be best to create 3 umbrella brands names or in this case quasi Quality Marks that could be applied to any product, across all segments.
The client also stipulate that would like a New Zealand connection to the band names therefore a mixture of location and road names were engaged - sourced from the New Zealand geography
Below are the 3 tiers of Quality Mark concepts that were developed
1.  Coast Road
2. Castle Point
3. Pegasus Bay
Here are some samples of the Castle Point sub brand being applied into the "Fresh" product line.

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